Why Choose a Dual Lan PBX?

  • Tuesday, 05 January 2021
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Why Choose a Dual Lan PBX?

The Dual LAN PC or virtual router is a useful piece of hardware for business and consumer users alike.dual lan pc Basically, it is a device which allows users to connect multiple devices like printers, scanners, computers or smartphones to a single central computer system. It's often described as a "virtual router" because of its dual role of offering connectivity to both devices and yet still allowing the administrators to manually check on all of the devices installed on the system. Here are some of the benefits of having a Dual LAN PC or Virtual Router:

Connectivity - When using a Dual LAN PC you get the benefit of connecting your computer to more than one device at once.dual lan pc dual lan pc You'll be able to connect to a printer in order to send documents or pictures, to a scanner in order to make digital copies of important documents and to your smartphone to use Google Maps. All of these will happen simultaneously thanks to the dedicated connection made between each system. In essence then you can have two separate networks running in the background at the same time without any problems. The end result will be an effective and efficient usage of resources.

Robustness - A Multi-lan connection has the potential to offer robustness and redundancy in case of any problem.dual lan pc The server will still be operational in the event of a server outage and you won't lose any data due to a crash in your own network appliance. With a Dual LAN PBX system however you are guaranteed to get this same level of protection. This is especially useful in the event of a power outage or virus attack which might destroy or corrupt the information being transferred.

Ease of Use - For businesses that need a fast, efficient and reliable communication link with both employees and customers an ERP system with a Dual LAN structure is of great benefit. Data can be quickly sent and updated across multiple locations with minimal staff involvement. Voice communication too can be taken onboard through the use of a headset whilst data is sent through a USB device. The ease of use associated with Dual-Lan communication has made it extremely popular with call centers and sales teams. It's a cost effective method for small to medium sized businesses to gain maximum benefit from their telecommunications infrastructure. It has the potential to grow as demand for communication increases.

Scalability - Being able to grow and expand with your telecommunications needs is key to success. An example of this would be adding more phone lines if you anticipate that sales will pick up in a particular area. Or expanding to a new premises if that is what you require. The scalability of a Dual-Lan system means that it can be easily adapted as your business requirements change. With the support of a supporting service provider your systems can grow and adapt to the demands of any given day.

Dependability - An element of dependability is provided by a telecommunications system. With a trusted brand like Dual-Lan you can be confident that your system will deliver, delivering quality performance time after time. You know that when you buy from reputable companies, you will get value for money for many years to come.

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