The PFSense Home Hardware Factory - Secure Data and Wireless Network

  • Wednesday, 30 December 2020
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The PFSense Home Hardware Factory - Secure Data and Wireless Network

For those of you not familiar with the PFSense home hardware factory it is a company in Hamburg, Germany that manufactures and sells firewall/IDS/SIP based products. In fact they are so popular, there are many people in Europe that would prefer not to use a traditional switch or router at all. Most of the products sold by PFSense have been imported directly from China and Korea and then priced in the European Union. In addition they are also re-branded in the European Union.

PFSense firewall and IPTV products are unique in many ways. First, they have the most advanced packet filtering technology available anywhere in the world. That means when a packet is received it is treated as though it were coming from a legitimate source. Second, they do not use any hardware in the form of routers or hubs. Finally, they provide the best value for money as they are less expensive than any other option on the market today.

The primary product offered by the PFSense home hardware factory is their firewall. You can buy the firewall either as part of a package or separately. Part of the bundling decision often includes an anti-virus software pre-installed. That's good if you are looking for virus protection as part of your security system but may find the free anti-virus included with your router is sufficient. Otherwise take the money that you would have used to pay for the additional software and use it elsewhere.

The real strength of the PFSense firewall is in its security and the ease with which it blocks out intruders and prevents unauthorized access to the internal workings of the firewall. It is capable of blocking out traffic that is using port numbers that match those used by the attacker. Also, this home hardware factory offers two levels of authentication. The low level is good for simple network jobs. The high security level offers the best protection against hacking.

In addition to the firewall the PFSense home hardware factory also offers a number of other products to enhance security at your home network. They offer a key generator to help get a key chain together. Also, a digital fingerprint reader is installed in over twenty five locations throughout the home network. This allows for the safekeeping of keys and passwords and adds another layer of security. And, if you are a business user and need a secure server for your company's private data there is a secure virtual server provided by the PFSense home hardware factory.

Security is enhanced by the addition of a virus scanner and a threat management tool. These programs are optional but highly recommended. The combination of a firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware software along with a high quality security service adds to the total security measures offered by the PFSense home hardware factory. It is highly recommended.

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